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Tooth Extraction
Portland, OR

Woman holding cheek due to tooth acheOur main goal in dentistry is saving your teeth. We love it when we can save a tooth from the brink of destruction. However, even we can't save every tooth. Even if our patient has great dental hygiene, they could get injured in an accident. You might break a tooth, or you might crack it on something as simple as a nut or a pretzel.

We also have patients that have a tooth beyond saving because of tooth decay or gum disease. If you think that you might have a tooth that needs extracting, Zhou Dental Care would love to give you information about tooth extraction.

Why You Might Have to Lose a Tooth

We may have to extract a tooth for several reasons. By far, the largest reason we have to remove a tooth is because of the bacteria that cause tooth decay. If you have a tooth that gets a cavity, the cavity bores a hole in your tooth enamel. Little by little, it eats away at your tooth enamel and into your tooth pulp. When it gets to your tooth pulp, the bacteria infect your entire tooth, and it will begin to cause you pain. If you don't get your tooth treated, the infection in your tooth will get worse and worse, and eventually, your entire tooth will die.

There are procedures, such as a root canal, that we can try on your tooth to save it. Sometimes, we just can't save a tooth. At that point, we have no choice but to extract the tooth. If we don't, the infection in your tooth could infect other teeth, as well as your gums. The infection can also travel down your throat and into your lungs, as well as to other areas of your body.

We also have to extract a tooth when gum disease, which is caused by bacteria as well. Gum disease, like tooth decay, starts small, along your gumline. Your gums may look sore or inflamed. Gum disease, like tooth decay, can progress. When gum disease progresses, it causes spaces between your teeth and gums. It can also cause deterioration of your gum tissue. Deterioration of your gum tissue can make your teeth fall out as well. Sometimes, we have to save remaining teeth and extract a tooth from your infected gumline.

What Happens When A Tooth Is Extracted?

A lot of people are afraid to have a tooth extraction. We'd like to let you know that tooth extraction gives you pain relief. That's because usually when we have to extract a tooth, it is painfully infected. Your gums may be inflamed as well, or you might even have a large infection called an abscess. A tooth extraction usually means relief in these cases.

To extract a tooth, we numb around the tooth, so that you don't feel the extraction. Once your tooth is numb, we begin the extraction. Extracting a tooth is actually a simple procedure. We use a tool to loosen the tooth root, which is how your tooth is attached to your jawbone. We then pull the tooth free. Many people feel immediate relief once their tooth is extracted.

If you are in pain from a tooth, we can help. Give Zhou Dental Care a call at 503-282-3884 today.

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If you think that you might have a tooth that needs extracting, Zhou Dental Care would love to give you information about tooth extractions. Click to learn more.
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