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Root Canal
Portland, OR

Diagram of tooth showing tooth rootYou may have been told that you need a root canal, or you may suspect that a root canal may be in the picture. We understand that you’re scared. However, we want to tell you that if you are hurting right now, you need to think about root canals, and how they can relieve your mouth of some pretty serious pain. People are afraid to get root canals, but we’re here to tell you we can get you through a root canal and emerge from it in far less pain than you’re in now. Give Zhou Dental Care a minute to tell you all about root canals, and how they can relieve your pain and save your tooth at the same time, which is amazing.

What Is A Root Canal?

We get that the term “root canal” strikes fear into the heart of many people. However, a root canal is just a way to name the part of your tooth we need to get to in order to fix your tooth problem. Let us take a second to explain your tooth anatomy. The outside of your tooth is the enamel, which is that pearly white of your smile. The inside of your tooth is called the pulp. At the bottom of your tooth are the tooth roots. There are canals along the bottom of your tooth that help to make sure your tooth is nourished. The tooth roots are also close to your tooth nerves, which is why when your tooth is infected, it may be extremely painful.

We use root canals to save your tooth, because our goal is always to save your tooth. Cavities bore holes into your tooth enamel over time. If the cavities aren’t filled, the infection will continue into your tooth, and it will eventually overwhelm the tooth, which leads to tooth loss. If the root canal is successful, we will be able to keep your tooth in your mouth.

Procedure for a Root Canal

We want to tell you first that root canals in the past could be quite painful. With the dental technology we have now, we are able to perform root canals with much less pain for you. In fact, with pain management and amazing tools, we can speed up your healing process and minimize the pain involved.

When we perform a root canal, the first thing we do is to make sure you can’t feel any pain, so we work to numb up your mouth so you are comfortable. Then we use tools to make an incision on the top of your tooth. That’s how we can access the infection. With tools, we are able to clean out the infection from your tooth pulp. We also treat the area with antibiotics, so that all of the infection is gone. The tooth pulp can’t go back into your tooth after we clean it out. Instead, we fill the chamber of your tooth with composite material and medicine. This keeps the infection from coming back. Once we know that we’ve cleaned out the infection and fill it, we then place a dental crown on the tooth to protect it. That way, your tooth is as close to strong as we can make it.

If you have a really painful tooth, and you’re scared to find out how bad it really is, we can help. Give Zhou Dental Care a call at 503-282-3884 and let us fix that infected tooth as soon as possible.

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Give Zhou Dental Care a minute to tell you all about root canals, and how they can relieve your pain and save your tooth at the same time, which is amazing. Click to learn more.
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