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Complete and Partial Dentures
Portland, OR

Image of dentures being soaked in water at Zhou Dental Care.
Rendering of removable partial dentureWith teeth, there seem to be only two conditions: you have all of your teeth, or you have none of your teeth. While we understand that a lot of people think that way, there are many different stages of tooth loss. Perhaps you have only lost one tooth, or you have lost several teeth all at one time.

When you lose one tooth, you might be able to get by, especially if it is in the back of your mouth. But when you have lost several teeth at one time, you may find it difficult to chew food the way you used to. You might also have trouble speaking properly. Are you tired of trying to get by with a few teeth? We can help. Let Dr. Zhou at Zhou Dental Care give you some information on complete and partial dentures.

What Are Dentures?

Whether your dentures are complete, which means that you have an entire set of prosthetic teeth, or partials, which means that you have some of your natural teeth, and some prosthetic teeth, they are removable. Both complete and partial dentures can be taken out each day for cleaning, as well as when you sleep. Dentures allow you to replace your teeth that you lost, which means your smile looks more normal. You can also eat properly as well. We make dentures out of metal, porcelain, plastic and acrylic. All of these materials make your dentures more flexible, but tough enough for chewing.

People with complete dentures have both their upper and lower teeth replaced, which means they have no teeth remaining. If you have some of your teeth, you may be able to get partials. When we make a partial denture, we can replace two or more teeth on one side of your mouth.

Why Might I Need Dentures?

It doesn't matter whether you are missing teeth because you used tobacco, have tooth decay or gum disease, or an injury - your teeth need to be replaced. If you don't replace your teeth, your remaining teeth will shift around to compensate for the missing teeth. Your missing teeth create other problems with your mouth. You can even lose bone mass from your jaw, and tissue from your gums. Over time, losing bone mass from your jaw can lead to changes in the shape of your jaw, and even in your face. Equipping your jaw with full or partial dentures means your teeth stay in place, and allow your gum tissue and jawbones to remain healthier.

In terms of cost, partial dentures are not as expensive as a full set. You can keep the remaining teeth you have with partial dentures. You will need to clean your partial dentures the same way you clean a full set of dentures. Partial dentures are expandable, so if you happen to lose a tooth in the same area as your already missing teeth, we can expand your existing partial denture.

How Dentures Are Made

We make dentures for you by using dental x-rays and pictures to make a model of your teeth. That's what we use to make dentures from. We then fit your full or partial dentures to your mouth. If you're lucky, you will get several years of use out of them. If you need to get your dentures readjusted, we will be happy to do that for you.

If you have questions about dentures, why not give Zhou Dental Care a call at 503-282-3884 today? We would love to talk to you about our dentures, and how they can help save your smile.

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