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Dental Bridges
Portland, OR

Rendering of jaw with dental bridgeWe hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we have a shocking statistic for you. If you are 45 or older - look around you. Nearly two-thirds of your friends have lost at least one tooth. We're not talking about people losing their baby teeth or their wisdom teeth, but instead adults who have lost teeth due to accident or injury, or bacterial infection. If you are one of those adults who have lost a lot of teeth, there is a way to get the teeth you lost back, and that is through the use of bridges. Bridges are a restorative dentistry procedure that can restore your smile. Not sure how a bridge can help?
Zhou Dental Care has information for you about bridges.

What Are Bridges?

We use bridges to help our patients who have lost teeth. Bridges can help patients get back the look and feel of your real teeth. Our patients tell us that bridges have helped them speak more clearly and eat more easily because they are no longer hampered by tooth loss. We can use several different types of dental bridges, depending on which tooth you lost.

What Kinds of Bridges Are Available?

We developed dental bridges in dental practice because practitioners knew their patients would want to regain the look of real teeth, and be able to eat or speak normally. Four different kinds of dental bridges are available for patients.

Traditional bridges help people who have lost more than one tooth, usually next to each other. We use traditional dental bridges when patients have lost two or more teeth on one side of their mouth, or at the same location on opposite sides of the mouth. Traditional bridges consist of a prosthetic group of teeth that looks much like a denture does. The bridge has metal on either side of the prosthesis, and the metal is cemented to existing teeth, crowns or implants. Traditional bridges are used for patients who have lost molars or other teeth towards the rear of the mouth.

Besides the traditional bridge, there are other types of dental bridges that are available. Cantilever bridges look a lot like traditional bridges, but they have brackets only on one end. They're cemented to one tooth, rather than two. Usually, cantilever bridges are used for people who have lost front teeth, because the bridge doesn't have to be as strong on the front tooth as it does on the rear teeth. Another type of bridge is called the Maryland bridge. Maryland bridges have wings that are cemented behind other teeth. Maryland bridges are great for replacing front teeth, especially when several teeth need replacing in the front.

Why Would I Need A Bridge?

People need bridges for a lot of different reasons. It might be they lost several teeth at one time, for example, if they got a severe blow to the face. If a patient has severe tooth decay, they may have lost several teeth as well. Gum disease, if severe, also causes tooth loss. Bridges not only replace the teeth that you lost, but they also keep other teeth in your mouth from shifting over to replace your missing teeth. Shifting teeth can cause problems with your bite, and may lead to problems with your jaw as well. It is important to replace teeth you are missing for the health of the rest of your teeth and your mouth. If you have missing teeth, we can help you replace the teeth you lost. Give Zhou Dental Care a call today at 503-282-3884.

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At Zhou Dental Care we offer dental bridges for our patients who want to restore their smiles and get back their confidence. Learn more about bridges here.
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