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Dental Bonding
Portland, OR

We love that word bonding. The word bonding means that you are holding things together as permanently as possible. That seems to be really important right now, whether you are bonding with friends or with family. You want to bond with people you care about. Just like the bonds that you make with people you love, you want your teeth to stay with you for a while as well. We use bonding to help your teeth out when something happens. We use bonding for all of those mistakes we all experience in life. Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that can restore your teeth to the way they looked before the oops. If you're not sure what we mean, let Zhou Dental Care give you some information about how we use bonding to fix your teeth.

What Is Bonding?

Bonding is a material made of a mixture of plastic, glass and resin. We use bonding to fix spots on your teeth that are less than perfect. We developed bonding as a way to cover up imperfections without drastically altering the look of your teeth. Bonding agents are colored the same color as your teeth, so they are almost impossible to see - which is great when you have a less-than-perfect tooth.

What Is Bonding Used For?

We can use bonding to fix all of the imperfections your poor teeth might have suffered from over the years. If you chip a tooth for example - and many people do - bonding can restore your tooth to the way that it was before your baby reared his head while you were holding him. We can also use bonding to fix cracks or fractures in your tooth. Bonding fixes discolored areas of your teeth as well. Sometimes, your tooth can become discolored due to an accident or an injury. We can use bonding to fix gaps in your teeth as well. If you have gaps between your front four teeth that you have had since childhood, bonding can repair those teeth, and fill in the gaps.

What is the Procedure for Bonding?

One great thing that our patients love about bonding is that it is an easy procedure to do, and it is painless. We first select a bonding agent that is closest to your tooth color. We may want you to whiten your teeth first, or let us whiten them, so that all of your teeth will be the same uniform shade. After we settle on a bonding color, we sand your tooth a little so that the bonding agent will hold well. We place and shape the bonding so that it looks like your natural tooth was never damaged at all. We then shine a light on the bonding agent to harden it-and you're done.

Do you have an imperfection in a tooth that you want to fix? If you aren't happy with your teeth because they are broken, chipped, or discolored, we can help. Give Zhou Dental Care a chance to talk about bonding with you. Give us a call at 503-282-3884. We can make you an appointment to talk about how bonding can improve the look of your smile.

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